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We mainly deal in Workshop Machinery like (All Geared LATHES – LIGHT DUTY, MEDIUM DUTY & EXTRA HEAVY DUTY, Radial Drilling, Milling, and Surface Grinder). Sheet Metal Machinery (Shearing, Press Brake,Bending,Roller,Section Bending) Woodworking Machinery, SPM Heavy Machines ( Tool & cutter grinding , Capstan Lathe, Vertical Turning Lathe, Bolt Threading) Automobile & Garage Machinery (Air Compressor, Boring honing, Crank shaft grinding ) Welding Machines (Mig , Tig, Mma , Plasma cutting), Food Processing Machinery as well as Special Purpose Machinery and Machine Accessories Ever since our inception, our prime focus has been to provide the engineering industry with reliable and well-engineered machine that can successfully serve their diverse needs of engineering fabrication. We lay immense emphasis on innovation. We take pride to state that our product range is a perfect mix of quality & functionality that is available at competitive prices.. Our products include vertical lathes, surface grinder, precision surface grinder, heavy duty lathe machine and many more.


Conduit Electrical Conduits: Rigid Steel conduit (HDG), IMC, EMT, PVC Coated. Size UP to6 Conduit Fittings Explosion Proof Conduit outlet body, Hubs, Union, Tee, Reducer, Enlarger, Adaptor, Flexible Hose, Seal Fitting, Sealing Compound, Cast Device Box, Cord Grip, Connector, Electrical Control Panel, Switches for Hazardous area. Explosion proof light fittings Flood lights, Metal halide, Mercury, Halogen, florescent, Incandescent with Eexd Classification &IP65;,66,67,68 ,Ex-Prof Junction Boxes, Control Panels in different sizes . Cables Power, Earthling , Control, Instrument, Communication, Fiber optic, Cathodic Protection, Marine board cables with various Type Insulation, Pvc, Xlpe, Swa, Lc, Rubber Fire Proof, Mineral Insulated Copper cable & accessories.

Cable Accessories Cable Gland Brass , Reducer & Adapter. Termination: Cable lug, Terminal Blocks. Splicing kit. Insulation Heat shrink Sleeves. Electrical Switch gears: Mccb, Mcb, Elcb, Contactor, Relay, Starters, Change over, Phase protectors, Transformer etc. Electrical Markers: Cable marker. Ofm, Ferrule, Label. Route marker. Cable Ties PVC, SS, Bare & Coated Earthling & Lightning Protection Grounding Copper Rods, Bus Bars , Copper Tapes, Earth Conductors, Lightening Arrestors, Air Terminals, Earthling Grid, DC Tapes, DC Clamps, Servit Post connectors, Ground connectors, Earth Pit, Electrical Gloves 5kv to 33kv.Exothermic welding: Molds, Powders & Accessories. Strut Strut Channel, Channel Clamp UP to 6(HDG), Cable tray, Trunking, Raceway, Cable Cleats Cable pulling Accessories Cable pulling shoe, cable roller, cable jack, Cable pulling Compound, Cable pulling winches.


Tube Seamless Instrument tubing High Pressure wall thickness 0.035″ -085″. Size : 1, 6 to 12mm. Material: Duplex, Stainless Steel, Copper, Copper Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Monel. Twin Ferrule compression type Tee, Caps, Plugs , Bulkhead connectors , Male Female connectors & elbows. Available in mm & inch. Material: Stainless Steel, Monel, Brass. Transmitters: Pressure, level, temperature. Pressure Switch, photo, Proximity limit. Pressure Gauges, Regulators, Thermocouples, RTD, Thermo well, Pressure Dampers, Siphon, Rupture Disc Steam Traps, Conical Strainers.


Industrial Safety Safety belt, body Harness, lanyard. First aid box, Eye wash station, shower station, Safety flashlight, Breathing apparatus, Ladders- aluminum & fiber Glass, Scaffolding Towers, Windsock & lockouts. Monitors: Multi gas, Personal Gas detectors, Gas alarm etc. Road Safety Road Barriers , traffic cone, Warning Tapes, Beacon light, tower flashers, Load latch . PPE Personal protection Equipment: Safety Shoe, Helmet, face shield, goggles, Ear muff, Ear plug, Face Masks for gas, dust, fume, smoke, sandblast. Coverall: Boiler suit, fire suit, rain coat, chemical suit. Hand Gloves: Cotton, knitted, dotted, leather.


Tools Hand tools: such as Spanner: combination, Ring & open. Wrenches:pipe, crescent, Scaffolding.

Pliers: adjustable, monkey, Vice grip, circlip, cutting, combination

Nose Cutter: pipe,tube wire, cable, bolt, Gilbow, Hole saw Scissors.

Drivers: Screw, nut.

Chisel: wood, concrete. Hammer: ball pein, rubber, claw, sledge, machinist, chipping, Non sparking, Dead blow.

Punches: center, hole, number Letter, pin, Knock out.

SocketDrive: Ratchet, Allen key.

Measuring tools: vernier caliper, micrometer, Tape

Gauges: Dial, level, feeler, Pressure. Straight edge, Dividers.

Brush: cup,scratch, tube. Saw: Jig, hack, wood.

Benders: pipe, tube, bar etc. Lever: Crowbar, Shovel, Trowel, Spade

Pickaxe Power tools: Angle grinder,Drill machine, bench grinder, circular saw, blower, chope saw, Test Pumps.

Hydraulic: Pump, Jack, cable jack, nut drive, punch, torque wrench, multipliers, flange spreader, hydro test pump

Pneumatic: Drills, lights, blower, exhaust fan, Chipping hammer, etc Welding Consumables Welding Electrode & Filler Wire in different Grade & Size, Welding cable 25 to 120mm, welding glove, Tig welding Glove, Apron, jacket, hand sleeve, leg guard, welding Helmet, welding face shield. Electrode Holders, welding gauges Bridge Cam, Hi Lo & Taper gauges. Fire Blanket for welding. Electrode Oven and Purging Material. Abrasives Emery, File, Burr, Drill bit, Cutting Disc, Grinding Disc, Blasting Grit, Grinding stone.


All types of binding wire, Straps, clamps, clips, hinges, steel & stainless. Consumables: Markers, tapes, Epoxy, Adhesives, Primer, paint, thinner, Cleaner, Degreaser, Coating & sealing, Pipe wrapping Tapes & Primer, joint compound, Lubricants, cement seal, Silicone, filler foam Ceramic Wool, Bentonite powder.


CS & SS PIPES Pipes: Size 1/8″ to 48″ Schedule: Sch.5 to XXS. Standard: ASTM, DIN, JIS. Material types: Stainless steel: 304/304L/316/316L/3 21 /347 /317/310, Duplex steel, Carbon Steel: A53/AI06GR.B, API 5L, NACE, PSL2 Alloy steel: SA335P5/11/22, Low temperature: A333/334 Copper, Nickel: B466, Monel 400: B165 , Bronze: B111, Ductile Iron: A746 & Inconel 600/ 8444. Pipes Fittings Fittings: Tee, Elbow, Coupling, Union, Reducer, Olets, Plug & Nipples. Casing: Casing insulator, End Seal. Hoses: Air hoses, Steam hoses, Hydraulic hose, Suction hose, Sunny Hose, Fire Hose. Hose Accessories: Hose couplings, Camlock fittings, Chicago Couplings, Hose clamps, Hose Nipples Quick connectors. Y- Strainers, Steam traps, Filter buckets, Conical Strainers Valves Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Angle, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Needle, Manifold, Pressure safety, Pressure Reducing, Solenoid, Type: Hand wheel, Gear Operated. Connection: Thread, socket weld, flanged, butt weld, wafer Class: 150-2500. Materials: Stainless, Duplex, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Monel, Bronze etc. Flanges Type weldneck, Slipon, Socketweld , Blind & Screwed in various materials , Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloys Monel, Copper Nickel, Bronze etc, Class 150 2500. Gaskets Gaskets Sheet & Cut: Rubber, Neoprene, Teflon Non asbestos, fiber, metallic, Graphite. Cut gaskets to AnsiB16 flange dimension. Spiral wound gasket: w/inner ring /outer ring. Metallic: Oval ring, Octagonal ring, Pressure Rating: Class 150-2500. Packing: Graphited, fiber, PTFE, Non asbestos, wire inserted.Insulation Gaskets Insulation Material : Rock Wool, Ceramic Wool, (Rolls & Slabs) , Aluminum Jackets in Different Thickness, SS Straps, wires Etc.. Fasteners Fastener: Cap screw, hex bolt, Stud bolt, Anchor bolt, machine screw, thread bar, fisher, Nut & Brass, steel, and Stainless steel different Grade 8.8, A325, B7 ,B8 ,B7m, B8m, A2 70, A4 70.