Fire Blankets are available in two types;

Aluminised Fire Blanket

It is made of Imported Dual mirror ‘GENTEX’ Brand Aluminised Glass fibre fabric which is approved by Centre For Environment and Explosive Safety (CFEES) – Ministry of Defence – Govt. of India – New Delhi formerly known as DIFR,  with eyelets on four corners

Size:-   56” X 76”

Fibre Glass Blanket

  1. Made of fibre glass fabric of 0.4 mm thick fabric.
  2. Made of fibre glass fabric of 1mm thick fabric


Both blankets are available in the following sizes

  1. 6ft    X  3ft
  2. 6ft    X  6ft
  3. 10ft  X  10ft           

Fire Blankets are generally used by welders for covering the area used while welding and occasionally for extinguishing fire..